Guangzhou Geao Polymer Materials Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Geao Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. The energy steady development company from china. Our company deals in 3 types of chemicals: 1. Shoe finishing chemicals; 2. Leather finishing chemicals; 3. Leather/shoes care products. Our company integrates the trading, product development and manufacturing. Our target customers are the distributors of shoes and leather finishing chemicals. Our products are both special and comprehensive. Our development team is composed of specialists returned back after finishing overseas study, engineers who have obtained leather bachelor degree and leather chemical chemists. They have extremely high research and development ability. The quality of our products has been guaranteed. We pay great attention to quality and good faith. The raw materials of our products are mostly imported from the USA and Europe to ensure product quality. Our company's service is personalized. Thanks to the powerful support from our product development team, we can develop new products according to customers' needs. So long as you have needs, we can achieve diligently. Our vision is to be humanist and environmentally friendly and become a well-known brand which is trusted by the leather and shoe chemical industry. Our mission is to improve product quality continually. By using imported raw material and new technology, we can provide ultra value and high quality products for the leather and shoe chemical industry. Our value is "Integrity, Quality Assurance and Profit Sharing". Our Slogan is "Geao, make leather more special".