Guangzhou Gootren Building Materials Co., Ltd.

GOOTREN is expert in insulation materials. When the company founded? GOOTREN was established in 2007 with the background of many sales network have been founded around China mainland. The company is named Guangzhou Gootren Building Materials Co., Ltd, and start with glass wool insulating. Where is the factory? Factory is in Hebei province (in Northern China) which has a developed industry in China. As government's development policy, industry is introduced as a strong feature to Northern China. Why the company is in Guangzhou? GOOTREN opened office in Guangzhou city, for it is one of the prior opened cities to overseas and with much advantage in economic policies. Guangzhou has played a role as the centre of international trade in China since 1984. How is the international department developing? With the sales team growing up to be professional in domestic, business was expanded to overseas. In 2010, international department was born. And product lines have been enriched in glass wool, rock wool and rubber insulation, also finish materials is to be a supplementary. New items are developing at the same time. Till 2011, our supplying is popular in Europe, Australia and South America. Who is the founder? Arick Liu , the founder of GOOTREN, was grown up in Northern China. That makes him be familiar with those industry materials. After graduated from the university in BTEC major, he combined his knowledge in insulation materials and skills in business to be a salesman selling glass wool in 2004. Only with three years, Arick opened the company by himself. What we will do the next? First of all, developing our foreign trade teem. Secondly, perfecting trade platform constantly. Thirdly, accumulating customers step by step. Fourthly, participating more and more professional exhibitions at home and abroad. In the future, we sincerely hope we were able to supply best service and good products for our dear customers.