Guangzhou Felicity Solar Technology Company Limited

Felicity Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Leping Sanshui, Foshan.The company was founded in 2007, has been set up a famous production corporation of solar lighting ,which gathers scientific research, production, marketing, engineering design & installation and after-sales service into one. The company has strong financial and human resource strength to gather senior experts of the new energy and professional technicians in different subject, and brings in the advanced production equipment and production craft from domestic and abroad. Now it has unique advantages in technology, products and business with concentration research & constant innovation. In the research and development, The company focus on solar energy products and try to integrate with the world's advanced LED technology to meet the domestic and oversea market demand of solar energy. Plus, the company currently has a solar panel production-line and cooperate with the leading companies from America,Australia,Singpore,Dubai,Nigeria and so on. With the importance attached to "safety, environmental protection, energy saving" of the whole world, the voice of energy-saving & emission reduction is rising. In 2010 the company will still strengthen the Africa market and at the same time we will develop in Europe and U.S depending on our demature technologies and experiences. Also, positioning the development direction of the company's product development and market supply as " Always Enjoy Sunny Life " for a fully purpose, which means that we use a mature high-end photovoltaic technology to produce more and better energy-saving products for the domestic market wholeheartedly so as to build a first-class solar industry enterprises of China even over the world.