Guanbiao Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.

GUANBIAO ELECTRICAL MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a company specializing in manufacturing wire and cable machinery. Located in Humen Township, Dongguan, Guangdong Province - a historic town of South China, Guanbiao has workshops and other necessary facilities occupying an area of over 6000m2. Our company boasts professional technicians and technologists who have engaged in the electro-technical machinery industry for many years. Their rich experience in the R&D and manufacture of electro-technical machinery ensures continuous technical development, which excises a good influence on the industry. With our company's philosophy of Profession, Innovation, Truth and Sincerity, Guanbiao produces machinery with the famous Guanbiao quality and brand. Guanbiao's products are well-received by customers because our company always provides them with good and fast service. Guanbiao's line of wire drawing machines include continuous intermediate wire drawing and annealing, intermediate wire drawing, intermediate/small wire drawing, small wire drawing, fine wire drawing and super-fine wire drawing machines as well as tubular annealing (tinning) machines. The finished wires have diameters of 1.6 - 0.02mm, covering essentially the complete range of sizes produced by wire drawing manufacturers. Any type of wire drawing machine produced by us is provided with modern advanced technologies such as frequency conversion speed regulation, PLC, DC speed regulation and opto-electrical transducer in order to improve working accuracy and productivity and contribute more to energy-saving and environmental protection. Our machinery applies to producing copper wire, copper-clad-aluminum wire, copper-clad-steel wire, aluminum wire and AlMg alloy wires. We are looking forward to cooperating with you to create a bright future.