Golo Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou

Golo Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. of Guangzhou is a Taiwanese enterprise established on May 27, 1992 exclusively with the investment of Golo Chang Company Limited which has been operating successfully since 1979 in Taipei, Taiwan. Since the outset, we have committed ourselves to the continuous research and development of products. In 1997, we attained ISO9001 International Quality Assurance System Certification. Meanwhile, the quality of our products was also certified by UL, CSA, VDE and RU systems. Our efforts are rewarded and reflected in the wide acceptance of products and the excellent reputation of our company. We get an excellent reputation for the quality and service.With a manufacturing facility of 40000 square meters and 800 employees, we are producing over 50 million pieces of lampholders, compact fluorescent lamps, switches, dimmers, cord sets, wiring devices and other lamp accessories per month.In response to the increasing market demands, we are expanding our facilities, and by the end of 2015, our manufacturing facility and production capacity will be tenfold of the current one respectively.We uphold the tenet of "The honesty could earn the great confidence and the high quality could make anything possible". We are looking forward to making our contribution to lighting industry. Our aim is to provide customers with a board offering of products to best suit their business needs.