Ganzhou Anson Electronics Co., Ltd.

Ganzhou Anson Electronics Co., Ltd. is a specialized resistor manufacturer devoted to providing all kinds of resistors for computer based electrical appliances and war industry instruments, as well as low-cost and high grade resistors for small household appliances, toys, telephones, and conserving energy lamps. Our existing factory covers 71 Chinese acres and our industrial standard workshop covers 24,000 square meters. Our factory occupies 10,000 square meters. Forestation rate reaches 20%. There are 30 lines for resistor production in our factory. The total output reaches 1,500,000,000 per month. All our products are examined and qualified by the world renowned SGS. At present the main products contain carbon film resistors, metal-film resistors, metal-oxide film resistors, cement resistors, wire wound resistors, and fusible resistors. We are a well recognized company both in and out of China as we supply products for markets in mainland China as well as markets outside like Taiwan area, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia and the Middle East. Anson grasps quality and customer satisfaction to improve the whole staff's quality and takes part in management continuously. In the Resistance Industry, we focus on development, innovation and quality to promote advanced machinery with perfect technology. Consummation management makes the rest believe that we can certainly provide the low-cost and high quality resistors to get customer satisfaction.