GOLD Acrylic Crafts Display Products Co., Ltd.

Letter from Jack-Gold Acrylic Crafts Display Products CO.,Ltd. Distinguished friends: Welcome to visit our company website. We are a professional production of acrylic products factory. With a variety of acrylic products can also be customized for you. The company attaches great importance to integrity and product quality. In co-operation of many of the customers to get recognition and praise. Consecutive year was named the acrylic industry in China, online sales champion. Our products are sold in more than 10 countries and regions including: the United States, Germany, Britain, Norway, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, the Netherlands and Eastern European countries. Our corporation has 3,000 square meters of factory buildings, with a large number of highly qualified and experienced staff, three modern production lines, the introduction of advanced processing equipment acrylic. Our core values: customer super me, integrity-based, sustainable development, contribute to the community. Our future development plan is: Find more senior technical and management personnel, significantly enhancing the design and development, technological innovation, management;and international companies use the opportunity to learn the most advanced acrylic production technology, improve the company's core competitiveness, in the next 10 years to become an internationally influential first-class enterprises Thank you for your support. Our Clients: Company Name Country: Cardds Unlimited Arica South Africa HT LLC China Office China The Earring Shack Australia Eruin Bergs Jewelry Design Netherlands Premium Resources Singapore Besta Integrated Services Ltd. Nigeria CB Graphics United Kingdom and so on Our Faith: Do business with honesty and credit; Keep moving together with our clients & employees, and repay the society; Offer better products and services! Our Promise: High Quality; Excellent Service; Quick Delivery; Reasonable Price! Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information!