GAA Sports, quality equipment for sports fans The British company, GAA Sports currently owns the largest chain of shops offering sports equipment nationally. It has made great strides since the days of its foundation by a professional rugby player named GAA Broughton who opened a small sports shop in 1903. In the 400 or so GAA Sports shops, everyone from children to adults can find? A suitable match' in any sport, ranging from horse riding to ping-pong, passing rugby, hiking and cycling on the way. That's not all. Not only satisfied with the obvious success of its shops, GAA Sports has extended its sporting interest by developing further ideas such as Health Clubs, sport and fitness centres and Soccerdomes, specialist areas devoted to the sale of football articles. Furthermore the company manages a stadium with a capacity of 25,000 in Wigan. Finally, in August 2002, the company signed a contract to become the official supplier to the famous English football club Manchester United.