Fujian Wangxinye Trade Co., Ltd.

Fujian Wangxinye Trade Co., Ltd. belongs to Fujian Yondsun Industrial & Development Company Limited. Fujian Yondsun Industrial & Development Company Limited was founded in 2003, has an independent legal personality. Our company has international trade practice and carries out business activities complying with domestic industry standards. Therefore, Yondsun enjoys a good business reputation in the same industry. Our company's main products include building materials, steel, pipe valves, electrical and mechanical equipment, hardware and electrical equipment (not including electric bicycle), metal materials (excluding precious metals), central air-conditioning, refrigeration equipment, household appliance, clothing, leather product, daily necessities, computer software, hardware and auxiliary equipment, communication equipment (not including wireless transmission device, ground satellite receiving facilities) . "Adhere to the main business, play advantage, expand the scale of business line, increase profit" is our development idea. We are committed to becoming a professional dealer and supplier. In the Chinese foreign trade industry competition, we strive to build Chinese trade new profit pattern, to maintain sustained and stable growth of operating performance of a company. Fujian Yondsun Industrial & Dev. Co., Ltd. is located in Fuzhou city, Fujian province, holding the following two motor factories, a foundry, an import and export company and three trading areas. The two electric motor factories are Fujian Antsun Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and Fu'an Eternluck Electric Co., Ltd; a casting factory Fujian Brandnew Motor Part Foundry Co., Ltd in Fu'an City; an import and export company in Fujian province is Fujian Yaaosi import and Export Co., Ltd. Our three marketing areas include Fuzhou, Ningde and Fu'an. Fujian Yondsun Industrial & Dev. Co., Ltd has gradually formed national motor castings, the marketing network and system, and the sales network which covers the big coastal city and Southeast Asia. Fujian Yondsun Industrial & Dev. Co., Ltd firmly believes that the company in their own institutions continues to improve at the same time. Our company's project financing products have flexible payment methods. We hope more people know us and build a win-win situation, a total of development; for western, our company keeps in constructing western big development pattern to add our strength. The company has consistently adhered to "quality first, reputation first" the operating principle, and the "integrity of management, terminal services" business purpose. We hope to serve you sincerely.