Foshan Shunde Yifei Furniture Factory

Foshan Shunde Yifei Furniture Factory specializes in middling and high grade genuine fabric sofas. Our main products are "throne" sofas which have high quality and vogue design. Hear to heart with the customers from institution to structure, fm culture to network. After years of development in the industry of furniture, we have been fully awared that we must be the market leader and provide the optimum solution for the customers with excellent goods and outstandling operation efficiency. Only so can we create value for the customers. Therefore, approaching customers is our policy and strategy. Approaching customers not only concerns the satisfaction of customers, but also establishes an insitution system related with client in each branches inside the company. Complete management task emerges from the begining of the discussion and service check and advice survey are carried out to ensure the service quality. We believe that only the pre-sale, on sale, and post-sale service could develop together and double wins. In addititon, we constantly conducted technical training and technical communcation with abroad, in order to cultivate excellent technical talents. And provide top-ranking service for the customer.