Foshan Sero Electronical Appliances Co., Ltd.

Foshan Sero Electronical Appliances Co., Ltd. Founded on 1994,Located in Shunde,Foshan Guangdong ,China. Over 220 employees.Factory area:10000 sq. m. .We concertrated on manufacture heat pump product and high end air conditioner.Vietnam branch factory located in Paiphong.Financial office located in HONGKONG.Product Details:*Household & residential air-conditioner series: DC inverter split type, portable type, split wall-mounted type, window type, split floor-standing type, duct split type, dual & multi split wall-mounted type and cassette type. (capacity from 9000btu to 48000btu, over 200 models).*Heat pump water heater series: swimming pool heaters & chillers, heat pump water heaters - all-in-one; heat pump water heater-split type, floor heater (water source, ground source or air source); machine double as air-conditioner (over 80 models). *Small commercial air-conditioner series: DC inverter dual & multi split wall-mounted type; DC inverter dual & multi duct type, DC inverter dual & multi cassette type.VRV series, water chiller and coil unit (fan coil high wall, water cassette); high static pressure ducted type (over 100 models).*Special air conditioner series: solar energy heat pumps, elevator air conditioners, marine air conditioners, industrial chillers, quick connect stainless steel pipe - AC package AC. T3 series (over 50 models).