Foshan Ouyad Electronic Co., Ltd.

FoShan Ouyad Electronic Co.,Ltd was founded in 1998 with factories area of more than 20,000-sq. metres.We have our own factories for manufacturing wind generators, including assembly lines, research and development depaprtments for wind gen. Systems, Solar Panels grid connect and off grid inverters, batteries production lines.We cooperated with ShenYang Electric Machines factory for importing techniques for wind generators production. ShenYang factory is a state owned big factory with more than 50-yrs electric machines experience. With rich technical and human resources from ShenYang and also good customer relationships or expert electronics knowledge from own Ouyad we have rapidly developed ourselves into a professional wind gen. Expertise factory.We work all design, produce, install, test, pre and after sales service etc. under 1-roof. We also supply tailor made systems according to individual customers requirements. We have the toppest reputation and trust from everybody. We are CE and ISO-9001 certified. Our wind generators magnetic saturation and new design techniques have already won patent awards in our country, patent NO: ZL 2007 2 0010261.7 . Our co. has lots of professionals, modern manufacturing and testing machineries and equipments. We produce mainly 200W,300W,500W,1KW,2KW,3KW,5KW,10KW,20KW,30KW,50KW,100KW,200KW wind gen. Groups. Monthly production for lower than 20KW's products has already reached 500-sets per month, 30KW's and 50KW's 300-sets per month, 100KW's and 200KW's 200-sets per month. By 2007 we have also stepped up our co-op with ShenYang to research and develop WG's of MegaWatts class. We estimate it will be ready in market by year end of 2008. 3KW,5KW,10KW,20KW,30KW,50KW,100KW,200KW wind generators are developed by us. Our generators adopted newest patent techniques like magnetic saturation and low torque starting (2 metres per second starting wind speeds) while also incorporating wind speed and direction fully digital indicators and control systems, on the outlook we have already changed to the no rudder design. Lots of new design concepts being used which have simplified all installation procedures thus lowering space requirements especially the use these new patent techniques add up the safety and stability of our wind generators. Energy saving factor is largely improved as well. For fixed wind speeds our wind generators can always work well to give normal constant power output. Our machines are well popular in China and all over the world. Our co. also makes other supporting products e.g. inverters , batteries etc. too. Our co. have also installed full machines for good demonstration purposes to everybody to come then check before actual orders, welcome old or new customers for visit then inquire.