Foshan Huangting Furniture Co., Ltd.

Foshan huangting furniture co., ltd is growing up from a factory named "Weiheng furniture factory" which is established 15 years ago.To be a successful and famous of luxury furniture manufacturer is our target. Main brand "Xiongguang" s products are baroque style furniture of Europe prevails in 17th century, its structure breaks the whole model in the period of revival of learing,it was made simpler on the basis of classical furniture,at the same time of mostly using straight lines ,variety and flexibility enhanced.What's more,the classical springkling of ancient Rome style column,with joint effort of gold color make it looks splendid. Decoration of sides and corners are artistic and delicate, looks numerous while everything's in good order, and perfectly reflected the massiness and solidity of the main body. Each piece of item looks dignity, concision,magnificence while without any loss of sobriety and practicality,they will adequately bring forth master's wealthy and taste. Since our products join into worldwide market, it become more and more popular and creditable in hotels ,villas and clubs. Earnest, profession , preciseness and keep improving are our promise to client and the spirit of our developtment.