Fusions Group deals in customized, cost-effective and high technology military systems design and development including military surveillance systems, Mapping and Coordinate systems, Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) Systems i.e. Video, Gyro stabilized platforms, Autopilots, Automatic Landing aid, and Tele-command systems, Thermoelectric Systems, Military Robots development, Solar photovoltaic power source for military electronic equipments, GPS based Aerial Drop Computers (for parachute drop) and Long Range Highly sensitive Laser Listening systems.Fusions Group provides comprehensive plant engineering services, including design, construction, expention, inspection and condition assessment, monitoring and remaining life analysis, troubleshooting, and repair,We provide Complete Engineering Services for Industrial Automation, Robotic systems, Plant Data logging, PLC and DCS Based Systems Installations and Commissioning. Solar Systems Service form Solar garden lights to On Grid Solutions, we provide Complete Engineering Services for All Type of Solar Power Systems Design, Installations and Commissioning. We provide Most Sophisticated FPGA and DSP Based Embedded Systems and Electronic Circuit Design and Development Services Throughout the Globe at Affordable rates, Also Provide services to the Industrial Units for Electronic Cards Repairing and Redesign.