FRTek Co., Ltd (KKLeeAtFRTek.Co.Kr)

FRTek Co., Ltd was listed for KOSDAQ, the Korean stock market in the year of 2007 based on innovative technology and strong partnership & support with customers.We had started wireless products such as Mobile Wimax, WCDMA Repeaters, & CWDM-PON for mobile operators such as KTF and KT in Korea since 2000.We are one of top 5 suppliers for KTF and KT in mobile solutions more than 10 years continuously.Those solid backgrounds in wireless technology are more inspiring our LED Lighting Products and Solutions. We are one of the few, professional R&D, manufacturing company in LED lighting, South Korea currently.Our products are technically advanced & outstanding performance in quality compared with other LED leading companies.This leads our products to be acceptable by most of Japanese customers & USA buyers currently.The basic concept structure of Research and Development on FRTek Lighting Products focuses on four critical areas especially such as optical, electrical, thermal, and PCBs for the best LED performance & variant applications to be consistent in lifetime & luminous efficacy because the LED performance is not proportional to a higher thermal structure as follows: 1. Optical Features: optic lens & reflectors design applied with multiple simulation maps, soft glare-free lighting with high efficiency diffuser materials, & increasing photometric output with decreasing temperature. 2. Electrical Features: superior power factor, electrical efficiency circuit design, 1st & 2nd 4kv internal voltage insulation design, & constant current operational driver adaptation for consistency 3. Thermal Features: minimizing heat by running a lower drive current, using thermal conductive materials, lowering the ambient temperature inside, selecting durable component parts up to 10,000 hrs, heat sink management with more surface areas in a limited space & an effective shape to dissipate heat, and the efficient heating path design from the LED package 4. PCBs Features: Using Aluminum Metal Core PCB which performance is superior in high power and reliability for the best thermal conductivity We are acceptable for OEM and ODM services if customers are requesting on them since we see many different types of existing lighting lamps and fixtures. Our manufacturing company is located in 30 min. by transportation from Seoul in the Southern direction. If you have any business trip to South Korea, then we will be happy to talk about further biz.We value your biz more growth this year and if any interested, then we will be highly appreciated.If you need more information on our products & pricing, then please feel free to request us.We will be committed to dedicate ourselves satisfying the needs of what customers are caring the most. Thank you and best rgds,KK Lee / Oversea Sales Team LeaderKKLee at FRTek.Co.Kr