We are Malaysian based company that has 1-stop supply chain of bird nest that focus in farming white house nest, harvesting, cleaning, grading, packaging, whole sale and retail. We had expand our business to china, which enable China customer to collect their order direct from China with valid import permit in China. Currently we are able to supply + -100kg of Raw White nest and also + -100kg of cleaned White House nest, We are welcome customer with small quantity (50g) or bulk order. Beside that, we also provide OEM service for concentrate bottle nest which consist above 85% of bird nest content. In addition, we are prond to annouce that we obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality accreditations by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for its Bird Nest Retailing System. We also can provide Certificate of origin & Veterinary Health Certificate for our customer. We are only and the Origina branding called "yan wo wang" from Malaysia. After year 2009, we had not appointed any partner or agent to represent our company in china. Please deal directly with our compnay in Malaysia. We are not responsible for all product that not buy directly form our Malaysia company.