Foshan Aolide Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Foshan AOLIDE packing machinery Co.,Ltd.specilizes in producing pillow and vertical packing machine. incorperating desgin. manufacturing and sales as a unit. we have advanced technology and our products enjoy good reputaion in extensive markets. AOLIDE company location on foshan Guangdong .We are a professional packaging machine manufacture with 8 years experiences in China.offering over 18 various kinds of packaging machine and monthly output up to more 50 set.We are the best manufacturer that you can trust in China.Innovation: continiously product upgrade. customer-orientation High quality: satisfy our customers with advanced technology. excecute strictly quality control and inspection. use world famous-brand products as critical components. ensure long-term and steady operation of the euqipment As a professional packing machine manufacturer, we are also engaged in producing various kinds of food packing machines, such as biscuit packing machines, candy packing machines, moon cake packing machines, bread packing machines, and chocolate packing machines. These packing machines are automatic enough to carry out material charging, counting, filling, bag making, date printing and product discharging all by themselves. Characterized by high counting accuracy, high packing speed, low labor intensity, low spoilage, simple operation and maintenance, these CE-certified food packing machines are welcomed by our clients in Italy, Denmark, USA, Serbia, Armenia, Russia, Honduras, South Africa, Egypt, Iran, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and more countries..