Evergreen Tire Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Global Sales Division)

Founded in 1995, Shandong Jinyu Tire Co., Ltd. is a professional automobile tire manufacturer with R & D. With assets totaling 3.0 billion RMB in advanced equipment for tire production, research and development, and testing and specialized technology, Shandong Jinyu Tire Co., Ltd. has established a sophisticated quality assurance system, and has the all-steel radial tire production capacity of 2.4 million pieces/ year and semi-steel radial tires (car tires) production of 3.5 million pieces / year (reaching 10 million pieces/year in 2011). We have passed the national CCC certification, ISO/TS16949 international quality system certification, DOT certification (U.S. Department of Transportation), ECE certification (Economic Commission for Europe), and Brazil INMETRO certification etc. Our laboratories have been certified by the CNAS. With the efforts of both domestic and international sales networks consisting of the domestic sales department and the Shanghai Foreign Trade Department, our markets have covered China as well as dozens of countries and regions overseas. With the marketing development, we established the Shanghai Foreign Trade Department to fulfill the requirement of the international market and effectively promote our semi-steel radial tire products, specializing in Evergreen Tire sales, promoting and services in the global market. As a large enterprise in the tire industry, Evergreen Tire always keeps the operating rule of being Customer-Oriented and is dedicated to providing the competitive solution package of tire marketing, which includes: 1. Quality products By our own sophisticated R & D, design, production and services, we provide the customers with diversified and customized quality products. 2. The most competitive price With the stable development in domestic market and increasing in international market, Evergreen Tire keeps getting bigger and bigger. The increasing scale effects ensure us to offer the competitive prices, the partners' good profit margins and successful efficiency on market exploring. 3. Strictly Market Management The sophisticated marketing management and strict implementation of the regional agent mode prevents the dealers from the market impacts and ensures the maximum profits of the dealers. 4.Timely professional service Evergreen Tire provides the comprehensive and professional technical services and the timely technical solutions for marketing, and helps the partners underline the selling points to improve the efficiency of marketing, meanwhile, we give the customized instruction on marketing to various customers, the assistance for marketing planning working out together with the customers on the aim at get the market share in the local as quickly as possible. 5. Effectively market promotion The periodically promotional items, the advertisements on the well-known website in tire industry and the exhibitions will be the enormous support to improve the brand awareness and the partners' marketing promotion.