Effort Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd.

Effort Semiconductor Lighting Ltd. was established in 2007,which is specialized in led technology. We has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing LED driver and LED lighting for residential and commercial use. With a team of several professional engineers, our R&D department develops the best technology for LED products. Obtaining reputation from customers need responsibility and opportunity, our responsibility is to strive to bring the latest and best LED products to our distinguished clients all over the world for years to come, and our opportunity is followed: The market of LED lamp is growing fast, and we believe the LED technology will be the most important illumination in near future. And in the coming days, we will pay more attention on the following points: First, the current LED lamps are mostly designed for traditional lamp replacement, but as LED chip is small size, energy saving and long lifespan, the LED lamp should be personalized, which can give full play to these advantages. Second, the lifespan of led chip can be as long as 100 000 hours, while the led driver can only be 10 000 to 20 000 hours, which means when the led driver stop working, the led chip still can be used. LED driver with better reliability is needed. It is the basic of LED applications. Third, to make the life be more comfortable and colorful, functional controller like IR sensor, color temperature controller should be used on more and more LED lamps.