ETN Iron Works Co., Ltd.

With 3000sqm (32,280sq.ft) factory and 80 artisans, ETN Iron works Co., Ltd., has been working with top designers, architects, contractors, developers, builders in the world for over 4 years, providing all kinds of wrought iron works for luxurious homes, high-rise buildings and other big projects. In our company, we pay close attention to every aspect of assembly. No detail is too small. Most pieces are hand forged and all welded joints are ground to a smooth finish. Every iron pieces are sealed to prevent destructive weather damage. By adapting the successful methods of old world artisans, we have created products with a special artistic character. Combining top quality materials and today's finest technology, with 40% over 20-year experience artisans, what we offer are more than a product, but heirloom pieces from generation to generation.