Established in 1978 with the original aim to supply a few private pharmacies, E. G. Cosmetics Labs Ltd has widely expanded into the natural oriented cosmetics market during the last 15 years. At present, our company manufactures a significant variety of cosmetic goods-skin care, facials, hair care, bath products, bath salts, etc. -all based on ESSENTIAL AROMATIC OILS and DEAD SEA MINERALS, both known for their unique healing and beautifying properties all over the world. We possess ISO quality certificate and we also have very strict internal quality control. Providing samples, we do not specially pick them to impress our potential clients, but simply take retail products from our warehouse, for we are absolutely sure of the best quality of each and every bottle that comes out from our factory. We use high-quality natural imgredients and we do our best to keep the amount of chemical components to the minimum unavoidable in cosmetic products. Our talented R&D team have managed to improve fruit and vegetable texture in our products and always offer nicest natural essences available. As a result, most lifelike plant fragrances have become another outstanding feature of our products. We are also equipped to produce perfumes, dental care products (like tooth paste, mouth wash etc. ), relaxing and revitalizing teas and others. We always welcome the option of private label for any of our products and cooperate with great pleasure both with established distributors and just starting dealers and retailers. Our Export Department will immediately reply to any of your mails or faxes and provide you with all necessary information about our varied product range.