ESDY corporation was established in 1994, and since its foundation it has made great progress in developping new products for human being especially environmentally free products, having many business accounts worldwide. For last years it has developped under the cooperation with high technical and university R&D power support in Korea jointly worldwide marketing new revolutional material PBC resin for producing non-toxic, heat-resistant environmentally free food containers, children's toys, agricultural packings etc. which are currently being made by PP, PE, PS etc. It also has plans of development and launching several new products in the same category, and will anounce soon for the products R&D completed near the launching timing. As a revolutional new products born in the world recently, we organize the marketing policy for world market having only one distributor per each country, and now several countries are under process of organizing the sales outlets and distributing system.We promise you that we always open new products and new technology continously for customers and will always put most efforts to make life enjoyable products. Welcome to valuable and serious customers and we will always be ready to discuss each other for joyful business together.