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Dongguan Wo De Electronics Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2003 with a total investment of 8 million RMB, which specialize in manufacturing various solenoids, spare parts for textile machine and Computerised flat knitting machine. Nowadays,our workshop covers an area of 5,000 square meters. With our experiences and our professional skills in a variety of production methods . Plus the other accessories to achieve a fabulous level . Our products are over 80 kinds. They are widely used in various knitting machines, such as Computerized knitting machine, Flat knitting machine, Embroidery Machines, Jacquard looms, Sock knitting machine, Glove knitting machines, Underwear knitting machines, Semi-automatic knitting machines , Circular knitting machines and other industries. Due to our products are abundant , different which maintain an amount of materials in a large field , with our competence , skills and experiences that challenges us everyday to launch on the products in the new market that provides the highest level of customer satisfaction possible . It is our full intention to make you say yes , we can . Therefore , Dongguan Wo De Electronics Teconology Co.,Ltd cooperates with well known companies from all over the world which participates to produce the authorizing authentic products . Eventually , Our company has to say words : Customer , Fast , Guaranteed , and Free . We completely figure out that our success is because of our clients . That is why we work harder , produce quicker , deliver speedy , quality guaranteed . Our team has a great attitude we can do that understands you , our customers who are the sole reason for attending our success .That is how we are able to offer a full Customer satisfaction guarantee and live up to that . you feel free to give us your ideas and project details , desires and ways to email , fax , or phone us , every step in the process is totally guaranteed . We are ensure that you are going to gain a splendid experience . Contact us: Dongguan Wo De Electronics Technology Co. , Ltd. Add: 168 Management Zone, Jingmei, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China 523451 Tel: 86 769 83389493/38893108 Fax: 86 769 83887323 Website: Contact Person:Jinlu Long