DBL Technology Limited

DBL Technology Limited is a leading company in developing and manufacturing advanced voice over IP (VoIP) products for worldwide markets. DBL has been dedicated to the development of the latest VoIP technology for 9 years and has developed a wide range of IP Phones and Gateways. DBL is committed to offering high quality, innovative and affordable products. DBL's VoIP products are fully compatible with industrial H.323 and SIP standards. They have been tested extensively for compatibility with various VoIP systems. Customers can integrate our products in their systems seamlessly and there is still large space for future enhancements. To meet our customers' demands, we have developed a proprietary technology in IP encryption for better security transmission and more reliable operation from VoIP blocking. This technology has been proven in countries where VoIP traffics are blocked by the local ISPs. Our customers are very excited and satisfied with our technology in making VoIP possible in their countries. We have a very flexible marketing and sales strategy in order to meet the requirements from various customers. We welcome you to contact us for further information!