Dongguan Shengming Metal Products Company Limited

Our products are well accepted by clients in China, North America and Europe. Over 90% of our products are exported to international markets. As a proof, there are a huge number of electric shopping carts with our patented hub motors used in thousands of Wal-Mart superstores across the USA. Our products feature energy saving performance and rich functions. With only an hour's drive to Guangzhou and only half an hour's drive to Shenzhen, we can share the best shipping facilities via air or ocean, while we have advantages of lower costs on land usage and factory facilities, as well as well-trained working labors. We can easily expand our production capacity to meet the market demands. It is an ideal location for cost saving OEM outsourcing of personal transportation vehicles. You are cordially invited to join Dongguan Shengming Metal Products Company Limited to become our local dealer and promote pollution free personal electric vehicles. This is a fast growing market worldwide, and you will benefit from and enjoy the partnership if you are ready.