Dong Shin Engineering Co., Ltd.

We, Dong Shin Engineering Corporation, Ltd. Are the leading global manufacturer and supplier of New Technology "Ultrasonic Dish / Vegetable / Fruit Washer", "Air Purifier", "Ultrasonic Skin Massager", "Ultrasonic Facial Skin Peeler", "Portable Healthy Water Maker" and "Portable Stain Remover". Also, we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of the building materials such as "Aluminum Honeycomb", "Palstic Honeycomb", "Composite Panel" and "Sandwich Panel" for the interior & exterior in Korea. For more effective business, we hope to introduce our good manufacturing products as follows: 1. Ultrasonic Dish / Vegetable / Fruit Washer * Various application: Dishs, fruits, Vegetables, fishs, meat, baby care, toys, Glasses etc. * Excellent energy saving * Environmental friendly: Need not detergent * Low cost and easy to fit 2. Air Purifier * Neutralizer, metal foam photocatalyst filter, * HEPA filter, deodorizing filter, sleep mode, * Aroma therapy, dual sensor, ion generator * Economic consumption, air guide, 3. Ultrasonic and Ion Skin Massager * Excellent Skin Care * Soft and Clean Skin * Easy Use and Luxury Type 4. Ultrasonic Facial Skin Peeler * Excellent Skin Care * Soft and Clean Skin 5. Portable Healthy Water Reductor * Reductor to make Mineral, Alkali & Hexagonal Water 6. Solar Energy System: Solar cell, solar module, solar lights etc. 7. Aluminum Honeycomb: Core of panels for Walling, ship, air etc. 8. Plastic Honeycomb: Core for pallet, door, Partition & furniture etc. 9. Aluminium Flux Panel: Walling for building, Interior etc. 10. Aluminum Honeycomb Panel: Walling for Building, subway etc. 11. Aluminum Composite Panel: Walling for Building, subway etc. 12. Vitreous Enamel Panel: Walling for Building, subway etc. 13. Sandwich Panel (Polyurethane, Glass Fiber, EPS, Rock-wool) : Walling & roofing for factory, warehouse etc. 14. Color Steel Sheet (Coil) & Aluminum Sheet (Coil) : Panel for commercial building, industrial Building, general housing & interior etc. 15. Color Steel Sheet (Coil) (Pattern Coated & Laminated) : Outer surface of the electronic appliance & Interior Hope above workable for your good & potential business. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our products and services continuously. Looking forward to your good inquiry will remain. Hope have a good business relationship with you nearly.