Deepankuram Synergies

Deepankuram is business associate with KEL and TDPS, Pentagon Turbines in Power solutions. KEL was licensee from LeroySomer to manufacture alternators andManufactures alternators from 15 to 3000 KVA for General, Marine and Turbine applications. TDPS (ToyoDenki Power Systems) is under licence from Toyo Denki Seizo K. K., Japan. Manufactures alternators from 1 MW to 40 MW for turbine applications. We are associated with Pentagon for Steam turbine new and refurbshed till 40 MW. Our customers include from Pakistan to Maldives to Dubai using alternators from Sugar Mills Co generation to Marine applicaitions and General Genset application. We are specialised in manufacturing special class alternators like we supplied a 600 V alternator for Triveni for powering Vaccum tunnel DC MotorThe alternator can take thyistor loads and linear loads simultaneously. Genset SectionWe deepankuram like to introduce as OEA for Simpson / Escorts / Eicher DG sets and kel-leroysomer alternatorsWe manufacture dg sets for inland and marine application. Simpson engines are coupled with kel-leroysomer (France) brushless alternator mounted on base frame with engine panel board. We also manufacture amf panels, control panels and electrical meter boards. We are specialised in supplying alternators for marine, genset, turbine applications. Our customers include sugar mills and turbine groups to boat builders ranginf from Qatar,Mauritius,UAE,Pakistan to malidives.