Dalian Puyang Generating Set Co., Ltd.

After over a decade's developing, Dalian Puyang Generating Set Co., Ltd. has become the leading generating set manufacture in Northern China. We have the largest scale of production and full product specifications and models. Puyang diesel generating set has past the test of China National Internal Combustion Set Quality Test Centre, we have also got the telecommunication facilities network import license of National Telecommunication Department and marine product certification of PRC, and we have been authorized by ISO9001 and WSSN2000 as well. We have got long-term cooperation partners such as MAN, VOLVO, DAEWOO, SHANGCHAI (DONGFENG), WUXI POWER (WANDI), WEICHAI (TONGXIN), SINO-AMERICAN JOINT VENTURE SHANGHAI MARATHON, and BRITISH OWNED ENGGA. With self-contained producing conditions, advanced testing equipments and abundant technologies, we can provide diesel generators from12kw to 1800kw. At present, we can supply standard diesel generator, automatic starting diesel generator, full automatic telemonitoring diesel generator, removable (mobile) power station, silent/soundproof diesel generator, weatherproof diesel generator, refrigerator car and marine product generating sets, etc. We have the only one full--function testing centre in Northern China, and we strictly follow the standard of GB/T2820 and ISO8528"AC generator set" to examine all functions of generating sets to guarantee 100% pass rate of our products. Right now, we are doing well in over twenty provinces, cities and regions in China, our diesel generators are serving in most fields such as: voyage, shipping, railway, mines, oil fields, transportation, hospitals war industries, aerial defense, sea ports, telecommunication, energy sources, shopping centers, food and drinks service, construction, etc. We also provide the comprehensive and high quality service for our customers including: factory design, installation direction, free testing, free training, periodical return visiting, quality tracking, etc. "Let the light and power eternal" is all the clients' wish, it is also our tenet of service. We are sure to win everybody's support and trust through our best quality of products and service.