Dongyang Lianfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongyang Lianfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the study, development, production and sales of seaweed fertilizer, with abundance of techniques, advanced production equipment and testing instruments, complete and scientific quality management system. We are one of the earliest manufacturers involved in R & D and production of the seaweed fertilizer in China. And only we use a two-phase fermentation to produce a nutrient rich, non-hazardous seaweed extract with absolutely no chemical additives in the world. Biodegradability and being green is important for the environment and we are working to protect the earth for future generations. Our flagship product is 100% natural Fermented Seaweed Extract "Power". The leading advantage of zymotechnics is the multiformity of the end product, which can be absorbed easily by plants, especially the natural bioactive substances in seaweed are furthest maintained in the end product. It is very popularand has been registered and sold in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia, especially for the customers of Europe and South Africa because of unique natural quality and complete nutrients. According to the nutritional needs of plants at various stages of growth, we have launched ranges of functional seaweed fertilizer---"BioPower" range that meets more customers demands at home and abroad. In order to meet the demand of both the local and abroad markets, on basis of our own Fermented Seaweed Extract scientific research fruits and comprehensive technological advantages, our company persists in taking the road of high-tech and export-oriented development. In line with the spirits of "Be amicable with environment, in harmony with the world" , our company keeps developing and making innovations so as to contribute our due to the living improvement of human being. We pursue "quality first, paramount credit standing". We will try our best to provide both superior quality products and excellent service. Any inquirement will be welcome.Affiliated Company>> ZHEJIANG DONGYANG JINXIN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.Jinxin Chemical is a family enterprise, which was established by Mr. Jin (the father of Mr.Jin Xuezhi) in 1988 with the fixed asset of over 50 millions yuan and an area of 90 thousand square meters.Jinxin Chemical is a designated pesticide production enterprise approved by the national development and reform commission. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of pesticides, pesticide intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates, water-borne coatings etc. As the leading manufacturer of Fenpropathrin and chrysanthemic acid, which are the key technical improvement project in Zhejiang and awarded the science and technology progress prize, the production and sales accounted for over 65% of the whole country. >> ZHEJIANG DONGYANG JINKANG CHEMICAL CO., LTD.Zhejiang Dongyang Jinkang Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Jin Xuezhi in 1995, mainly engaged in trading and distribution of the agricultural chemicals raw materials. In 2000, founded successfully the joint venture company - Dongyang Lianfeng Biological technology Co.,Ltd.>> ZHEJIANG SEERKIN BIOTECH CO,.LTDZhejiang Seerkin Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Jin Xuezhi in January 2010 with registered capital of 5 million, is mainly engaged in research and development of Fermented Seaweed Feed Additives, which maximizes the retention of bioactive and nutritious substances in seaweed, as the immune regulators and growth promoters for animal, can optimize the absorption of feed nutrients through the stomach or intestinal, to improve animal s growth efficiency and animal health condition in a short time, to enhance organism immunity, thereby improving the efficiency of feed utilization and reduce the cost of weight gain.