About DIGILION Inc.DIGILION Inc., based in Taiwan is a leading professional manufacturer and supplier who concentrates on consumer electronics, computer accessories and peripherals. Always prevailing over the trend, our mission is to provide you with best quality, user-friendly and stylish product which leads your digital lifestyle more pleasant. Strict quality control, customer service, and on-time delivery has earned trust from our customers all over the world.Smart card and memory card experienceStriving for success, DIGILION has achieved an outstanding result in building a well known brand "EasyATM" in Taiwan. We are proud that our smart card readers are not only the top 1 in sales volume and also the most rewarding in customer satisfactory.In a generation when digital inventions have changed our everyday life, DIGILION has been participating since 2004 in the transition of "e-banking business" commerce cooperating with 15 major banks in Taiwan. Today, DIGILION smart card related products have become the No.1 seller in web-ATM field of end-users use our products . DIGILION has also been up-to-date with digital ID-card adaptation policy promoted by Taiwanese government and has achieved successful results. DIGILION has established a solid relationship with the government and participating banks, and continuously develops other useful smart card applications. DIGILION's smart card reader series has earned market reputation and customers' trust since its inception. Our customer feedback affirms DIGILION's product guarantee and your satisfaction. Power solution Revolutionary"Dazzle" series car chargers and laptop chargers are products which catches people's eyes with the slim colorful outlook. Furthermore, the build in multi-protection shield protects your connective device, also the quality is guaranteed by global safety standards like BSMI, CE, FCC, RoHS, and EMark. The "Dazzle" M100 also won a reputation recommended as the most " Practical Designed Product" from the "PChome" magazine.DIGILION Inc. is not only a brand owner but also a wholesaler in Taiwan After years of cultivating our distribution channels, we are now present in more than 1,000 consumer electronics stores. In addition, our products are displayed in "FNAC", "APPLE STORE" and more than 8,000 convenient stores channel such as 7-11, Family, OK etc... .DIGILION, style for you, will continue to lead you a way toward a stylish and digital life.