Dongying Dyne Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Dongying Dyne Import & Export Co., Ltd, located in Dongying, Shandong Province, thrives since its establishment in 2003. Been in this line for years, our group enjoy good reputation in world market.We expand our business range to following projects: DYNE Equipment: Investment casting (lost wax) equipment, drilling & milling machine, food machine DYNE Chemical Oil field additive:defoamer , fluid loss additive , ,xanthan gum ,sodium formate ,potassium formate, ferric ion stable agent ,cleanup additive ,clay stable agent ,foam stability additive ,cross linker , retarder for oil well cement ,drilling detergent ,biocide ,pipe freeing additive,KPAM,SMP ,SMC and so on . Chemical products :acrylamide ,anthraquinone ,calcium formate ,pentaerythritol and so on DYNE Wood Film Faced Plywood, Commercial Plywood, Fancy Plywood, MDF, Particle Board, Melamine Board, Veneer Board, Doors, Wardrobes, Cabinets DYNE ISO Tank Container