Dubai's Business Licensee

Welcome to Dubai. We are Private and Commercial Licensing Business Consultancy within the United Arab Emirates. We are currently seeking prospective companies too expand into a fast growing environment Dubai. We would like to invite your company to begin a Business Partnership or freehold venture within Dubai United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the world's fastest growing city. We have licensed many companies from every marketable industry. Dubai is luring a growing number of the world's rich and famous to bask in the over-the-top luxury resorts. Reasons to buy property in Dubai. Dubai is already a spectacular city with gleaming towers and stunning sights, and along Jumeirah Beach there are the Palm Islands the World and Dubai Waterfront putting into the dazzling azure of the Arabian Gulf. Investors are rushing to buy up property off plan from the Developers in expectation of strong capital growth, while Second Home Purchasers are attracted by Dubai western orientated lifestyle, cosmopolitan atmosphere, sub-tropical climate, not to mention its Tax Free status. In recent years, prices have increased by as much as 25 per cent per year, but remain relatively low by European standards. The surge in new residential and commercial developments has fuel fears of a property bubble, but demand is still exceeding supply and is not expected to slow in the short term. There are an estimated 24, 000 new people moving permanently to Dubai to live and work every month! Dubai is a major investment opportunity, but beware, the buying process is still largely unregulated and as such is risky for the uninitiated. Dubai may be witnessing a modern day Gold rush, but in Property Investment terms it is as wild as the original California Gold rush. As a potential Investor you are there fore strongly advised to deal through a knowledgeable and reputable Property Agent or Consultant, who can guide you right the way from sourcing to successful acquisition of your dream property, helping you avoid costly pitfalls. Contact us for more information. Regards, Dubai Business Licensee.