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Welcome to Cellphonezone: parent company of SW-Box.com! +++Our English is excellent+++ and our reply times are immediate. So send us your inquiries. Our mobile phone accessory quality is the best, and our prices are the cheapest. In fact our customer satisfaction rating on resellerratings.com is consistently 9 out of 10! Drop us a line or go directly to our ecommerce store and use our coupon code ALI0712 for a 3% discount at check-out. Cellphonezone - always the smarter choice! ----------(^_^)---------- 7 Reasons To buy or dropship wholesale direct from China products from Cellphonezone... Trustworthy: Cellphonezone Limited also known as SW Box Limited is one of the largest wholesalers of direct from manufacturer China mobile phone accessories and cool gadgets. We've been in business almost 4 years now with close to 100 employees to help serve you best. How did we become the leader in products like accessories for iPhone 4 and iPad 2? By doing business honestly with a complete focus on maintaining our impeccable reputation. Professional: By investing heavily in training and recruiting the best and brightest from this industry's top ecommerce companies, we've assembled a first class workforce and created the most efficient work flow to ensure your total customer experience is outstanding. Because of this, Alibaba.com's factory audit division has certified us as a top notch company you can depend on. Focused Choice: Our business model is sourcing the highest quality products possible. To that extent, we've had to pass up on offering our customers many inferior products. For the products we do list such as accessories for iPhone, accessories for BlackBerry, cell phone accessories, cell phone repair tools, cell phone repair replacement spare parts, cell phone unlocking tools and cell phone unlock cables, we maintain the widest choices such as extensive material, design, and color variety. We call it focused choice and our customers appreciate that. Quality Quotient: You've heard of IQ and EQ right? Well when it comes to QQ (quality quotient), we're geniuses. Here's why? Traditionally, price and quality were proportional. Such that the cheaper the cost, the cheaper the quality. In opposition to this standard model, we've set up a very torturous QC process. If a batch of tested products has a higher failure rate than 0.001% (1 piece in 1000 pieces), we reject the entire batch back to the manufacturer. In practice this forces our suppliers to enact their own quality control procedures. As result, your orders are quality checked twice! Best Prices: Size does matter in this case. As the web's leading cellphone accessories provider, you can be assured you'll be getting the best prices from SW BOX Limited because of our buying power. What's more, our customer loyalty program ensures that the more you buy, the more you save and the more you've bought the more you save as well. This is great news to resellers, power eBay sellers, and dropshippers. Secure Shopping: At a time when it seems like every other day websites are hacked and sensitive data stolen, SW Box Limited is committed to your safety and security while online. Every transaction is encrypted through Verisign, the most advanced security solutions provider available using Verisign (EV) Extended Validation technology. It runs unobtrusively in the background, but if you want to see it in action just download and install the Verisign EV green bar add-on. What's more, we run continuous hacker scans throughout the day using McAfee, the cutting edge of security answers. Peace Of Mind: Things happen. Whether its packages damaged in transit (insured) or your product suffers damage within our warranty period, it's good to know that SW Box Limited cares about you our valued customer before, during, and after the sales experience.

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