Comar Tyre & Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd.

1 million tires each month Comar Tyre and Rubber Industrial was established in 2002 and specializes in radial truck, OTR, car and motorcycle tires. Within our five ISO 9001:2000-certified factories covering more than 1 million square meters, we staff 5,000 employees. Our production equipment includes over 400 sets of tire shapers, tire-cutting machines and x-ray machines. Some of these machines are from Germany, the US, Italy and Japan. And with a monthly output of 1 million tires, we easily deliver on-time. Approved for distribution in the EU, US, Middle East and more With CCC, ECE, DOT, GCC, SONCAP, and NOM stamps of approval, our tires are ready for markets worldwide. We use equipment from Germany, the US, Italy and Japan to make tires that can run smoothly even on the bumpiest roads. Our natural rubber comes from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, and our synthetic rubber comes from the US, Germany and Japan. Plus, our five-year relations with our 50 materials suppliers mean we get the best of what they've got. 10 new products each month We have 200 engineers with over five years' experience. Every month, they help us release 10 new products and turn out samples in 30 days. We also have a tooling department producing 2,000 segmented molds annually. Buyers in the US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East enjoy our items, and so will you. Fifty sales representatives are ready to assist you in English, Russian or Spanish. Call us today.