Changwon Tech is committed to always remain as an enterprise of offering support to the customers with full of those people helping customers. Changwon Tech with the TOP PRIORITY IN QUALITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as own management mission and faith in line with the trend of globalized economy, has been endeavoring in developing and manufacturing the best quality products based on the ceaseless effort, state of art technology accumulated to date and trust rendered by customers.Changwon Tech an expert specialist in cooling and heating equipments and systems, has been operating the fully integrated product development and manufacturing system. The major product X-WIND, is a portable cooling and heating system combined with air conditioner and heater together for the first time in Korea. In consideration of users convenience, the disadvantage of conventional portable air conditioner operating only on summer season is removed, and the Korea first low noise Sirocco Type series product has also been developed as well. Moreover, X-WIND, a portable air conditioning system, can be installed any places particularly not applicable to obtain the sufficient cooling and refrigeration effect, allowing to provide the fresh, Natural Wind wherever the extensive cooling operation is required. Again, Changwon Tech sincerely solicit the continuous attention and interest of customers, as we are determined to remain and grow as an enterprise of offering support to the customers with full of those people helping customers in the forthcoming days and years. Certification StatusQuality Assurance Management System Certificate, Research and Development Institution Certificate, Certificate of Small and Medium Enterprise with Innovative Technologies, CE Certificate