Cyborg Teq

Welcome to Cyborg Teq. Cyborg Teq manufactures and develops high-performance, advanced technologies & mobile communication products. Cyborgteq specializes in the production of mobile phones, mobile software & applications, & electrical products with world wide distribution. In 2007 Cyborgteq released a range of mobile phone handsets in the UK that introduced mobile phone TV as a standard feature, with the Cyborgteq Mobile TV Center (TM) , and Cyborgteq Dual SIM Card Technology (TM) which allows the use of 2 or more SIM cards from different network operators to be used in the phone at the same time. With other features including Cyborgteq Bio Metric Fingerprint Scan (TM) built in to the handsets for the protection of personal data. Our products are sold in high street retail outlets across the UK. Strong-Fast selling products! Looking for something different to sell? Get involved with the fastest growing area, and one of the most exciting brands within the mobile phone industry with Cyborg Teq products.