Chaintrack Systems

ChainTrack strives to generate superior ROI for its customers by providingcost-efficient and value-added outsourcing services including ERP/SCM Solutions through focused process excellence.ChainTrack B2B provides an Integration Service platform that automates the transformation of business documents into any required data format or protocol and exchanges them securely to and from any trading partner, in any locationOur expert data processing team is proficient in customs regulations working as a seamless extension of customs brokerage companies to process critical shipment data and generate completed forms well within required turnaround times.ChainTrack outsourcing services for Dubai Customs provides processes and procedures through an electronic environment in an automated and paperless way.ChainTrack also connects other administrations in the Dubaitrade supply chain, providing electronic messages for inspection and clearance of goods. ChainTrack Systems was formed in 2008 as an expansion of RediRack Systems which was providing Warehouse and Material Handling Equipment since 1996. Providing Integrated Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software Solutions, BPO Services and 4th Party Logistics (4PL), the company has also started its operations in the Middle East.What we Provide:ChainTrack and BPO: Electronic Documents ProcessingChainTrack as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider brings a different perspective, knowledge, experience and technology to the existing function and can work with the firm to reengineer it into an improved or new process. It is an outcome-based result, not just a pure cost reduction issue. Trade documentation process will interact or be integrated into the company in a way that can bring value, even bottom line and benefits, to the client.Supply Chain Technology Solutions:From RFID tracking of inventory to turnkey warehouse design we provide customers with cutting edge technologies and software solutions in the supply chain execution. 4PL ServicesChainTrack as a lead logistics provider brings value and a reengineered approach to the customer's need. We are neutral and will manage the logistics process, regardless of what carriers, forwarders or warehouses are used. We can and will even manage 3PLs that the customer uses. Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of the 4PL's customer, as compared to the 3PL who is meeting the needs of its parent company.As a 4PL we want to position ourselves as an extension of and part of our customer. We see the relationship not a chunk of freight; instead we seek incentives to define the relationship and collaborate with each customer as to goals and outcomes. CTS the international logistics consultant we work with the customer to understand their specific issues and needs, from the broad scope of all suppliers to key ones. Critical points are defined, the process is redesigned. Focus can be put on specific suppliers or carriers/forwarders to understand and correct service deficiencies and develop performance metrics.