Wooden Furniture Indonesia is a young dynamic company established in 2000. We manufacture exquisite and excellent quality of wooden furniture made from the finest Teak wood and Mahogany wood which is bought from PERHUTANI (The Indonesian Forest Development Institution). We process good quality solid wood from PERHUTANI become excellent quality of solid wood furniture.Our products are specializing in Outdoor Furniture (Garden Furniture / Patio Furniture) and Indoor furniture from Teak and Mahogany, some time we mix with particle wood. We supply Antique Reproduction furniture, Contemporary design of wooden furniture, Classic furniture, Mahogany painted furniture, Mahogany Indoor Furniture, Teak Indoor Furniture, Teak Minimalist Furniture, Teak Outdoor Furniture, Teak Garden Furniture, Teak Patio Furniture, Home furniture, Bedroom furniture, Dining room furniture, Living room furniture, Antique furniture, Office furniture, Hotel furniture, Rustic furniture, sofa wooden frame, coffee table, side table, book case, show case, side board, chest of drawers, tall boy, cabinet, TV console, TV cabinet, console table with mirror, dining table, dining chair, buffet, kitchen cabinet, wooden bed, bed side, night stand, lamp table, wardrobe, chest, commode, dresser with mirror and stool, head board, bench, mirror, frame, wooden accessories, etc.Wooden Furniture Indonesia started the company with traditional handmade wooden furniture and sold to small markets. Now our products are machine made combined with handmade for the carving and we are exporting to all major markets. We currently supplying to Italy, French, United Kingdom, Sweden, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Hongkong, Middle East, Africa, and spread to another countries. With modern machinery our furniture factory can produce large scale production, maintain similarity product in shape and size, and with kiln dry chamber we can produce good quality of furniture by drying out the wood twice to get dryness standard maximum. First: we dry out board wood, second: we dry out raw furniture. Our modern machinery and kiln dry chamber able to help us fulfill all of customer orders and deliver the product quickly to hotels, resorts, clubs, apartment, complexes, real estate association, malls, restaurants, schools, offices, and other public places at factory direct price. Today we become Indonesia leading Furniture Exporting Company. We built our reputation on placing our customer satisfaction first, high quality standard furniture with strict quality control, quick response to our client feedback, precise delivery planning, competitive pricing, experienced and professional staff. Those factors keep our customers loyal. Because our customers satisfaction is our first priority, that is why we also manufacture furniture base on our customers design (custom made). We do not sell our customers design and information to any third parties. We guarantee your security. We pride in providing service to client that can not be match with others!Our Strategy: Create good quality furniture at lowest possible cost and sell to our clients at competitive and reasonably price. That is what makes us different from others. We have already proven that machine made furniture does not have to be expensive in comparison with handmade furniture.

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