Changzhou Kakoo Tea Foodstuff Co., Ltd.

Our company is the biggest and professional manufacturer of tea bags in China, and we have registered the America FDA industry system, passed the certificate of GMP, HACCP, ISO22000and organic tea certified by IMO(America NOP and Europe Union EEC), QS etc, and also we are the only tea manufacturing factory that has 100000 class decontamination workshop(GMP -Good Manufacturing Practice)in China. And we have other branches abroad, such as Korea Kakoo Tea International Group, Japan Cherry blossom Kakoo International Health research society. We have long cooperation relationship with many scientific research institutes, engaging in developing different healthy products. In China ,we have many original tea suppliers in every famous tea production zone , such as Yunnan Menghai Kakoo Tea, Zhejiang Hangzhou Kakoo Tea and Fujian Anxi Kakoo Tea,the tea garden is totally more than 1300 hectare. We take the most advanced technology of breeding tea to ensure 100% natural quality of each leaves. In Beijing, we have established cooperation with Japan, and set up a health research company -- Beijing's Kakoo Biological Technology Co., Ltd. The new company has long been committed to the health industry research and extension, to spread advanced international health conception, to import high-quality health products and supply superior service. Our company has agents distributing in each province in China (totally 316 agents) with the brands of "kakoo"; "korea elixir"; "cherry blossom"; "three leaves" etc; and our products have been exporting to America, Japan, European countries, North Africa, Middle East, South Korea, Australia, Argentina, Southeast Asia, Russia, Malaysia as well as many other countries and regions. Since we have totally 86sets of crushing, sieving, drying, sterilizing, granulating, packing machines, we can manufacture 130 million tea bags monthly, whose net weight ranges from 1g to 45g. The tea bags can be packed as single chamber tea bag, double chamber tea bag, super big coffee herbal tea bag, rounded tea bag, pyramid tea bag and with the packing materials like paper bag, paper plastic bag, aluminum foil bag, polyester nylon mesh, none woven-fabric, green natural 100% biodegradable mesh etc. At present, our products are divided into four series: 1.Tea products series: black tea, green tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea, tie guan yin, pu-erh tea, barley tea, genmaicha, black bean tea, apple tea, lemon tea, mint tea, earl grey tea, rose tea, lychee tea, strawberry tea, peach tea, apple cinnamon tea, mango tea, buddha hand tea, chamomile tea, micro tea powder etc. 2.Healthy tea series: slimming tea, fat removal tea, anti-constipation tea, liver-comfort tea, stomach-comfort tea, kidney-comfort tea, energy tonic tea, blood sugar lowering tea, hypertension regulating tea, ginseng tea, blood-enriching beauty tea, noxious-discharge beauty-keeping tea, cold clearing tea, internal heat-reducing tea, nourishing lung and larynx tea, improve mind and memory tea, eyes-bright tea, intoxication combating tea, ginkgo tea, honeysuckle tea, ba bao tea, balsam pear tea, chrysanthemum tea, du zhong tea, LingZhi tea, ginger tea, guava and other herbal tea. 3.Health Capsule: Plateau oxygen - Cordyceps capsule; Cherry blossom Lucid Ganoderma pilose antler capsule, Cherry slimming capsule, Cherry blood sugar-regulating capsule,Anti-aging enhance immunity capsule etc. 4.Tea bag packing materials: tea bag paper (filter paper), cotton string, paper bag, paper plastic bag etc. If you are interested in any of our products series, or wish to receive more detailed information, please feel free to contact us. In addition, OEM orders are warmly welcomed. We are looking forward to receiving your correspondences in the near future. Advertisement of kakoo ice tea: Vedio of company introduciton: