Changzhou Joysun Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Joysun Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company, specialized in producing solar photovoltaic products, solar heat products, supplying solar project service and designing solar equipment. JOYSUN is focused on providing right products and effective service for the customer both domestic and overseas through our team professional knowledge, high quality service and years of experience. The office lies in modern city, the high technology integrated office in new district. And the factory is located in High-tech Industrial Park of Qingyang Road and Hefei high-tech new district. Optimize the administrators and make the work more efficiency. JOYSUN solar thermal products are widely used in both residential and commercial applications to provide hot water, space heating, industrial hot water and air conditioning etc. Products are designed and manufactured to meet international product quality and engineering standards, and have a strong emphasis on simplistic design and ease of installation and use. At present, advanced technology of JOYSUN flat panel solar collector and the production technology have become strongly competitive; advanced solar project design concept has been successfully applied to various types of construction solar water heater systems, enterprises/ schools central hot water system, swimming pool hot water supply and so on, provide professional solar energy application programs for every customer. Meanwhile, JOYSUN has already cultivated a professional construction team, with the ability of installing and maintaining tens of thousands of solar units per year. Concerned about the effects of climate change and rising energy costs, JOYSUN is not only a manufacturer of solar energy products, but also a provider of solar energy application programs and the constructor of solar projects. We will continue working to enhance the efficiency of new energy products and perfect application! JOYSUN,share the sun, share the joy!