Changxing Fanya Lighting Co., Ltd.

Welcome to visit our website. Changxing Fanya Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and has been growing smoothly these years. Our main products are Compact Fluorescent Lamps and LED light bulbs. Fanya Lighting was established with a view of "providing CFLs and LEDs for the worldwide lighting marketplace". Our factory area is 20,000sqm and our factory has 6 production lines, 3 automatic plug-in machines and 1 set of semi-automatic assembly line. Now there are more than 300 trained employees including 40 managers, and our output capacity is 5000000pcs/month. At present, our main customers are from Europe and America, and we are quite experienced in European and American lighting markets. Our technical advancements have primarily focused on two goals: "developing more economical and energy-saving solutions and ensuring maximum environmental compatibility". Under this precondition, R&D engineers are given the freedom to exploit new products. For the customer service, we emphasize that the benefits of our clients are always the first thing we care. What we pursue is really teamwork both inside our company and with our customers.