Chongqing Fuda Institute Of Mechanical And Electrical Equipment

Chongqing FUDA Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment ,founded in 1993, is located in High and New Technology Industrial Zone in Chongqing China. We are a high-tech enterprise which majors in oil purifier and integrate invention, manufacture, marketing and service. After years of hard work, we have invented series of oil purifiers to recycle and regenerate all kinds of used lubrication oil.The used oil can be refined: Engine oil .lubrication oil . coal oil ,diesel oil ,hydraulic oil ,transformer oil .switch oil ,inject oil ,turbine oil ,compressor oil .refrigeration oil ,quencher oil ,.mid-load gear oil and so on,Our products are largely used in the fields of electric power, petroleum, natural gas, mine, machinery manufacturing, steel, metallurgy, chemical industry, railway station, aviation and shipping for large enterprises. Our products include TSJ series lubrication regenerate and discoloring oil purifiers, TS series low density regeneration and discoloring oil purifiers, ZYB series high affection vacuum oil purifiers for lubrication oil, QJ series turbine oil vacuum oil purifiers, ZJ series high affection vacuum oil purifiers for transformer oil, DZJ series multi-function vacuum oil purifiers and LY series third level oil purifiers. Our products are environmentally-friendly, economic, high-technology and efficient. We can offer different settle blueprints according to customers' special requirement to confirm safety production and decrease cost.We have got many patents in this field.the patent No is ZL99115021.X, International patent main classify No is C10M175/00. One of our equipment, lubrication oil regeneration and discoloring equipment got the certificate of New Key Product of Chongqing in the year of 2007.We strictly manufacture in accordance with national ISO9001 quality management standard.Our purpose is to reduce your cost one drop at a time. Based on this principle, our products are well-received all around China and have been exported to oversea countries. We try our best to ensure quality and high technology and improve our service. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any interests.