Chongqing Exploration Machinery Factory

Chongqing Exploration Machinery Factory, was a middle-size backbone enterprise of original Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources. Nowadays, it is specialized by China Mechanical Group and China Geo-equipment Group in producing XY series of core drilling machine, MG series of anchor drilling machine, GQ series of engineering drilling machine, KDY series of tunnel drilling machine, ZLJ series of drilling machine for mining and other hydraulic components. The enterprise is located at culture area of Chongqing---the center of Shapingba district, has convenient communication and transportation, occupies more than 130,000 square meters in which there are more than 600 workers and staff (including 102 engineers and technicians in all kinds), has technical research and development center, capability to research and develop new products for more than 40 years, and advanced technology, and perfect check means and equipment. We have successfully undertaken science and technology key programs which were allocated by State Science and Technology commission and original Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, such as XY-2 core drilling rig and MGJ-30 anchor drilling machine, which were awarded Science and Technology second grade by Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources; GX-1TD was awarded third grade. Our factory is evaluated by China Quality Control Association as USER SATISFIED ENTERPRISE, AN ENTERPRISE WITHOUT ACCUSING OF QUALITY, TRANS-CENTURY MODEL ENTERPRISE WITHOUT ACCUSING OF QUALITY. Our factory have formed quite production scale through many years of development since immigrated into Chongqing from Shanghai in 1966, the produced product from single in early time of the factory founded to at present time more than 20 products of core drilling rig series, anchor drilling machine series, engineering drilling rig series and tunnel drilling rig series etc.. The products are sold well in more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions and for more than 20 ministries and commissions, also have large share of market in Hongkong and East-south Asia, and far sold to West Asia, Africa and South Europe etc., and enjoy high reputation and good fame in domestic and abroad. The enterprise has got QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATE OF ISO9001:2000 since 2002, has been ratified as new & high-tech enterprise by the State in Aug.2011, and pointed as experimental unit of blaze new trial by Chongqing government in July 2011. The whole staff and works seeking after best is always our purpose, our final goal is ALWAYS LET CONSUMER SATISFIED.