Chengdu Derbo Steel Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Derbo Steel Co., Ltd., since establishment in 1990s, has focused on steel industry for more than 10 years with the principle of perfect quality and excellent service and the basic purpose of providing strategic sourcing service and product solutions for foreign market. Founded as a special manufacturer & sourcing office for overseas end users by Mr. Yanbo Zheng, a professional product specialist and experienced exporter, M/S Chengdu Derbo Steel was a specialized supplier of seamless steel pipes/tubes for oil & gas projects. During 2006 and 2008, with much sourcing experience of accessories including pipe fittings for several big oil & gas projects in the Middle East and Nigeria, M/S Chengdu Derbo expanded our business scope to more wide products covering most of the steel products. More than a trading office, M/S Chengdu Derbo Steel is now an independent enterprise that has own procedures on quality control & assurance, guarantee of delivery time, and sourcing channels for all products. In M/S Chengdu Derbo, you can ask for systematic product solutions instead of only a single product because we are a integrator of manufacturing capacities in China. We provide service & assurance, not only simple products. M/S Chengdu Derbo Steel focuses on steel industry and more specifically, we are an expert in products mentioned below: carbon steel & alloy steel seamless pipes/tubes, welded steel pipes/tubes, stainless steel pipes/tubes, elbows, reducers, flanges, bends, etc., for oil & gas industry, ship buildings, pressure vessels, boilers, super heaters, heat exchangers, petroleum cracking, auto industry, engineering industry, etc. Value added services based on basic products are available here in M/S Chengdu Derbo, like galvanization, external coating & internal lining, machining, etc. We believe the role dominates the future and the action leads to results. In current world of globalization, it is not a problem to find a supplier and a product. But it will always be a problem to find the right supplier and the exact product. Based on this significant point, M/S Chendu Derbo Steel is committed to playing the role of solution & support provider for worldwide customers on the foundation of powerful Chinese manufacturing capacity. We are the supplier who supply the exact products as you are looking for.