Chengdu Createinfo Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

ECCIC-established in December 2004,a professional designer and provider for various types of webs,especially in e-commerce webs. We can develop a variety of software, but also provide you with customized service. Creative and innovative, we bring the most dynamic imagination into our work to fulfill your ideal websites and software. Or,you can also rent a website from us, our comprehensive range of rent a website solutions are aimed at giving you everything you need to have a successful website. Chengdu Createinfo Communication Technology Co., Ltd is a major software development provider. Providing a wide range of customized software development services, we specialize in application software development, website design, multimedia design and animation design. Company software development standard is CIMM3. Attaching great importance to the cooperation with institutions of higher education, we thereby ensure excellent access to both technology and human resources. Now supported by Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, and Chengdu University of Technology, we have also formed long-term cooperative relationships with other technology companies, our municipal government, and business, military, and research institutes. Moreover, we have set up subsidiaries in Chongqing City and Yunnan Province in order to best serve our clients in these areas. Boasting an efficient organizational structure that includes numerous highly qualified members, 100% of our 50 employees are college graduates. Of these personnel, eight members hold the master's degree, while another five have the doctor's degree. We have following successful cases: --General Soft 1. Quality and technical supervision of the Sichuan provincial report management system. 2. Sichuan provincial coal resource management systems. 3. Data analysis software for the Sichuan provincial meteorological agency. 4. Shuangliu (Sichuan Province) land and natural resource data analysis platform. 5. Mechanical motion control systems for the No.29 Military Research Institute of China. 6. Internal office systems (ECCIC-IM) for the Vanke Group. --Delta Design (Multimedia Design) 1. Wenjiang (Sichuan Province) website systems. 2. Mechanical animation design for the Sichuan Hongli Factory. 3. Multimedia systems for the Wanke Group Company and Zhixin Group Company. 4. Multimedia systems for the Railway Bureau of China. payment Project submission