Creator Corporation

Founded in 1997, Creator Corporation is a global technology company which specializes in manufacturing full color LED displays and AV (audio-video) products. We provide clients with design, production, marketing and after-sales services and audio, video and information distribution display systems, such as our omnibearing solutions. Our main products include Indoor/Outdoor full color LED Displays, LED control systems, LED signal switchers, LED fiber transmitters and receivers, LED control application software, Intelligent Central Control systems, Digital Matrix converters and Digital conference systems. All of our products are tested and have passed SGC, CE, FCC, RoHS and UL authorized certifications. We adopt the most advanced technology in the world to make our products. Creator Corporation employs various disciplined and intelligent R&D (research and development) persons, with more than 10 years of AV production experience. Our dedication to advanced LED display and LED control system technology has led Creator Corporation to a multitude of international accolades via our proprietary intellectual property rights and our domestic (China) and international proprietary technologies. Creator Corporation's headquarters is located in Guangzhou, China and has more than 20,000 square meters area for production. We have 1000 employees, 20% of whom are specialized technicians and 50% of whom are researchers. We have three factories: a SMT Production Center, a Molding Center and an Assembly Workshop. Our production lines are automated and mechanized to facilitate commercial production. Our production lines are fully equipped to test devices and rigorous test areas allow Creator Corporation to manufacture and test (QA) our devices. We can ensure quality products for our international clients. Creator Corporation has continuously studied and explored the latest core technology to position ourselves as the bellwether in LED display industry for over a decade. Creator Corporation's products have been historically used in many areas, such as stadiums, airports, wharfs, railway traffic, civil aviation traffic, command centers, stage performance areas, public media, exhibition centers, advertisements, promotional displays and a plethora of other instances where our LED displays can be utilized. Creator Corporation has built branch companies situated all over the world to extend our sales and technological network to overseas branches that include branches in Taiwan area, Singapore, Australia, the United States and Dubai. Creator Corporation believes in the earnest operations combined with creative technology, rigorous pursuit of quality testing and providing great service to all past, present and future customers to create a bright future. "CREATOR" should be considered first in the new vocabulary in LED industry.