Beijing Zohonice Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zohonice Equipment Co., Ltd. is an integrative enterprise that specializes in the R&D of laser beauty products. We invest a lot of time and effort in developing the series of Kiti laser eye-brow washers, IPL-Ana Skin rejuvenation equipment, IBE-Bobo microbeam breast enlarging systems and Linda cool light equipment. Our company has made our own contribution in the laser cosmetic line. Our company studies all relevant institutions of colleges and carries on the extensive exchange of technology with numerous laser industry for a long time. Having high-quality the young of photo electricity and medical science, the middle aged excellent talent and marketing specialty of discipline sale elites are running in the front of job. We solve the technical application problems for the masses of customers whole heartedly, and offer all people's most sincere services to the colleagues from all walks of life. Kiti series Q-switch laser eyebrow washing machines adopt pulse Q-switch new and high technology of laser instrument already reaching the top international standards, and succeed in washing out three lines painlessly, dispelling the pigment. The serial of Ana IPL skin rejuvenation, removes hair, dispels the spot and red blood streak. It can leads photon cosmetic new trend especially; Bobo super shimmer abundant chest appearance is imported from Britain latest super shimmer light energy technology. It chooses the shimmer energy of the particular wavelength, which cure the bad inborn breast development. With the development of this industry, Zohonice, the brilliant pearl, refracts out the immense power too. Abiding by the principle that: Survive on high quality, win the market with credit. Obtaining masses of customers with remarkable quality, make the dream of vast friends liking beauty turn into the realityThe ideas of Zohonice: The goal is clear, take action rapidly, unite as one, all will become sincere! 1. Competition idea: Where there is comparison, where there is progress! 2. Service theory: Hands shake hands to promise, intimate service! 3. The idea of management: The norm is the foundation, the innovation is the soul. 4. The strategy of trademark: Sincerity service, high-quality products! 5. Customer's idea: It is not excessive to promise, delivery should overbalance! 6. Marketing idea: Open up the market with quality, satisfy the customers by service. 7. Management theory: First-class product, first-class benefit, first-class image, first-class enterprise. 8. The idea of development: Create oneself, affirm oneself, improve oneself, self-transcending. 9. Talent's idea: Encourage people with the policy, manage business with system, bring up people with culture.