BNF Technology Inc. established in 2000 and set up "Respect for members", "Customer service", "Pursuit of excellence", "Honesty", "Fairness", "Modesty", "Win-Win" and "Passion" as a companys standard of 7+1 value. We share a mission of "Through a business solution using software, internally we give priority to happiness of executives & staffs and externally we contribute to a development of better society and human kind by maximizing consumers value ". BNF Technology Inc. for the purpose of Operational Excellence of process plant, develops and provides various software solutions reflecting consumers demand for Real time and Optimization with companys internal technologies. ARIDES(Advanced Real-Time Information DEployment Solution), a solution for controlling and monitoring a plant, was developed based on complete quality assurance system by superior engineers, it has been applied to a large number of nuclear power plants and combined cycle power plants and its credibility is earning the respect from the clients And TIS(Trip Investigation System), a solution for preventing a sudden stop of plant and analyzing a cause signal of the problem, was developed in 2007 for the first time in the world, its superiority won a recognition through patent registration, GS(Good Software) authentication, New Excellent Technology(NET) authentication and the award of a grand prize for new innovative software in 2009 and the clients evaluate that this solution can epochally improve the availability of the plant. PRISM(Plant Real-Time Information Smart Manager) Data Historian, a new product released in 2009, is receiving much expectation and reaction from the clients since it satisfies the clients who need necessary informations "at every time, at every place, to every one" by efficiently managing of high-speed bulk data generated in real time in the plant. we continue to try to improve an excellence for plant operation and to satisfy the client's needs through a continuous investment in R&D. we are plan to expand various industry fields such as oil, chemistry, steel, paper making and cement, etc. by providing clients customized services through wide product lineup. we will promptly cope with the rapidly changing company circumstances through a practice of a creative company culture, quality management for consumers satisfaction and construction of service network, and further. And then we will grow as a superior global company that raises company value.