Beijing Soundwel Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Soundwel Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaging in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technology including both NDT instrument manufacture and NDT engineering services. We have successfully manufactured Acoustic Emission Systems (multi-channel sensors, preamplifiers, etc.), Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges and Pipeline Leakage Detectors. All products are designed and developed by our senior engineers (NDT experts, and hardware, software and mechanical engineers). Developing NDT instruments according to your specific requirements is also our advantage. Beijing Soundwel Technology Co., Ltd. holds ISO9001 certificate, which is implemented in all products and services for quality control assurance. "Engaging in continuously providing more and more advanced and perfect products and service" is our destination and commitment to our customers. Early in 1998, we manufactured the multi-channel AE systems - model WAE98. WAE98 is a digital and waveform AE data acquisition system with 12 bit resolutions and the maximum speed of 20MHz AD. Latest models of WAE2000, SWAES and SDAES AE systems have been developed, based on PCI card systems and running with much better performances. Up to now, model SAEU2S AE system, an innovation USB2.0 communalization for multi-channel AE system, with much better S/N and interference resistance performance has been developed. Our new model ultrasonic thickness gauge SW6 can match all available sensors from different sensor manufacturers because of the functions of auto identify sensors and auto sensor matches. All products are designed and developed carefully with many new technologies inside. We emphasize using up-to-date technologies for our NDT products.