Established by Dr. Dinesh Kacha, is a doctorate from GUJARAT AYURVEDIC UNIVERSITY-a reputed and prestigious university of Ayurveda in the World. He is a prominent personality and provider of innovative drug discovery and developmental studies, as an experienced specialist in the field of product development & formulation his company has gained name in Research, Development & Formulations of Aryuvedic Remedies. We at Benmoon Pharma Research are committed to achieve the objectives by strictly adhering to the norms and specification of GMP guidelines. We know that our products deal with human lives and therefore with utmost faith in nature, we believe in only quality products. The basic object with which it was set up was service to the medical profession and to develop formulas. Which could diagnose the physiological and pathological phenomena affecting the living body and which would serve mitigate and ameliorate maladies arising out of such conditions and effect a cure. Benmoon Pharma Research offers safety, Efficacy and consistent quality through1) Proper identification and standardization of all raw materials. 2) Strict monitoring of processing parameters. 3) Standardization of the final products. 4) Extensive formulation research coupled with prolonged tests.